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Helping with life’s transitions

Moving home can be a stressful time. It also presents an opportunity to refocus on the future and let go of some of the items you no longer need in your life.

The team at provide the assistance and support you need at every step of the way - helping you make a positive transition to your new home.

The DownSize team can help you to clear out and dispose of unwanted possessions, arrange to get your home and garden tidied up and ready for sale and, if needed, can assist you with the move itself. We provide an extra pair of hands wherever they’re needed most.

Mobirise provides help to clear out and dispose of those possessions you no longer need or have space for in your life.

    Preparing for sale

The DownSize team can assist you to get your home and garden prepared for sale.

    Help with moving
Mobirise can reduce the stress of moving home by providing extra support where it’s needed.

    Estate clearance

If assistance is required to prepare a deceased estate for sale, the DownSize team is here to help.


Over the years everyone accumulates possessions. So, whether you are planning to move home, just wanting to reclaim the garage or clear out your spare room, is here to help.

Our experienced team can work with you to complete a stocktake within each space. This makes it simpler for you and your loved ones to decide which items you no longer need or have room for in your life. Or you may simply need a hand removing items you’ve already decided you don’t need any more.

Once you have decided which items you intend to keep, we can help you decide what to do with items you don’t need. The DownSize team can then assist you to gift, sell, store or otherwise dispose of the items you no longer need and arrange all the logistics for you.
Even if you are not moving to a smaller home, decluttering your place can often help you focus on the more important things in your life.

Preparing your home for sale

Before listing your home for sale, you may want a hand to present it in a way that maximises buyer interest market value.

Whether your home’s paint-job needs a spruce-up, the garden could do with a tidy or you just want somebody to give it a good spring clean, the DownSize team can help you to have the work completed in a timely manner.

Using local knowledge, our team can arrange quotes from suitable tradespeople and, if required, project manage their work and ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction. And if your home requires ‘dressing’ or ongoing maintenance while it is on the market, the DownSize team can assist.

We can also help with related services such as arranging for an independent valuation and assisting with estate agent appointments or other services as required.

Helping with the move

The team at DownSize understand the challenges that come with moving home – and we’re here to help. can provide the information and assistance you need to ensure your move goes smoothly. We may be able to assist with arranging utility services at your new address, finding the best removal company for your needs, arrange quotes and help to arrange the logistics of the actual move. We can even assist with unpacking if required. can help to make sure your move goes smoothly and reduce the stress of shifting into your new home.

Estate clearance

If an experienced pair of safe hands is required to help with preparing a deceased estate for sale, the DownSize team is here to help. can provide assistance with arranging for items from a home to
be cleared and arrange transport, storage, sale or disposal in line with the instructions of the
family or executor of the will.

We can also help get the house ready for sale, arrange an independent valuation,
coordinate real estate agents and ensure the grounds are maintained while the property is on the market.

Providing regular reporting to keep the family updated on the status of the property, offers a professional, discrete and reliable service through an often-difficult time.

Lifestyle management

If you travel frequently and require a responsible contact to keep an
eye on your residence while you’re away, is here to help.

Services we offer for absentee owners include periodic checks and walkthroughs of unoccupied residences, receiving deliveries, collecting and sending on mail and important documents, arranging pool maintenance and preparing premises for arrival.
For more information or if you have specific management requirements, please contact the DownSize team.

Got another question? Please contact the DownSize team directly on 0800 833 396 or at
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